Where ELSE were the neighborhood pigeons going to nest??

1. I started a new WONDERFUL job. And thank goodness I work for my sister, because no one else would have put up with my absenteeism this month. Read on ...

2. I had respiratory flu -- twice. The kids had it once, as did Dave. That sort of counts as me having it five times.

3. I had stomach flu. No one else did.

4. Then I woke up and tried to wash my face with Vick's Vapor Rub.

5. Billy's IEP meeting was awesome. (More on that later.)

6. School ended. Summer started. Which brings us to ...

7. I registered Billy for all-day ABA Camp ... they don't call it “Camp Escape” for nothin'. Come on, Monday!

8. My dad went in the hospital (he's fine now).

9. Our van broke down (it's not).

10. Willow got into at least a dozen fights ... with boys.

11. Billy was named "Terrific Kid" (the good behavior award) at Buck Lake Elementary! And no, Dave, it was not because he was out of school sick the week before ...

12. I turned 40 and Dave and I sang a bunch of 80s songs at my party. (For video of this Awsuuuuuum event, click here.)

This is just my lazy way of making excuses for not blogging very much lately. I'm starting to get act together again, so I won't be such a stranger any more, I promise. But the greatest thing about taking a little hiatus is that now I get to go catch up on all YOUR blogs! Thanks for hanging in there with me ...

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Snippets 'N Stuff

Vick's Vapor Rub? Good grief. You must've been delirious!

Ack! Sorry to hear about the bad stuff, congratulations on the good!

Happy, happy Birthday, Amanda! May this be your best decade yet! Congrats to Billy on his award!

Word Nerd

Thanks! I'm the new Communications Director for Pea Green Solutions. Working from home this week, though, because Billy has a week off between end of school and start of camp.


So...what kind of work are you doing for your sister?


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Bad hair! The Bee Gees! A calendar of 1979

... to bring you an episode of the $25,000 Pyramid. Remember that game show?

Well, apparently Willow was Dick Clark in another life, because she remembers it too. Wait, Dick Clark is still alive. How old is that man anyway? Like 150?!

But I digress ... So Willow cuddles up in bed with me for a few minutes each morning, and she tells me things. Usually, it's just words she knows. Lately, though, she's been categorizing them. She'll sit on my chest and and recite, "Pink ... bwack ...white ...yewwoh ... orange..." and then wait.

My job is to respond, "Colors!"

Then she'll do another one: "Carrots ... peas ... ice cream ..."

"Food!" I'll guess, and if I get it wrong, she keeps going:

"Fry-fries (French fries) (hot dog) ..."

And I've got it: "Plastic food in your toy kitchen!"


Bingo. Then she starts again: "Mama ... Daddy ... Bee-dah (brother) ...Nan..." and so on.

She loves this game. I feel like that at 22 months, categorizing words like this is a sign of unadulterated genius, but since I've never seen a normally developing child acquire language, this is probably totally normal. Everything she says seems like magic to me.

But this morning she stumped me. After we went through "Animals," "Flying stuff" and "Shapes," she came out with this list:

"Five ... car...Tar-Brown (Charlie Brown) ...eight ...Corny-corn (unicorn) ... Tar-Brown..."

Any thoughts?

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Best TV Show Ever

I really appreciate all the votes in favor of Willow's genius. I've decided that her last mysterious category was her list of the elements in the best TV show ever. She has developed an affinity for Charlie Brown second only to her brother's passion for the blockhead, and her unicorn is never left out of any game. Plus, she loves counting stuff more (The Count was a good shout!) more than anything else. So a show in which two Charlie Browns and a unicorn got together to count stuff would be BEST.SHOW.EVER!

@BigDaddy: Some seriously bad things HAVE been done to that unicorn. We will say no more.

@Ashley: I know what you mean. I spent about three years in search of a "label" (Dx) for Billy, and now I find myself in a place where the only label I care about where my kids are concerned is that they're MINE :-) Love both of them and their unique brains.

@Maura: Yes, indeedy: "Yewwoh" is just about my favorite word. Also, "Wiwwoh," which both of my kids say for "Willow." I will kinda miss it when they can both say Ls properly.

@Jenny and @Kristina: I have been told by many a speech therapists that girls chatter earlier, in general, than boys. It all starts to level out in elementary school, but typically, little girls learn language faster, because our brains are wired for communication. Now Billy's has been obviously been more delayed than most, but I thought it was interesting that there is such a known difference between boys/girls.

Your daughter is a total genius! My 23-month-old started saying mama and dada at the typical age, but then stopped. Then he started just grunting and pointing. He has now progressed to incessant babbling of many different single-syllables, but mostly he'll just work on one at a time over and over, with his voice raised, lowered or enunciated at certain points for emphasis. He is supposedly a "normally developing child"...

Things that rhyme?

(and yes, I know Five Car, Charlie Brown and Unicorn don't really rhyme... But she *is* only two years old)


In my book, Willow gets the "genius" vote!

How much does your heart melt every time she says "Yewwoh"? Each time Ollie says, "Mama, will you pway Wegos wif me?" I drop everything, because how could I ever say no to a sentence like that?

Henry learned how to pronounce his "L"s in September, the week he started kindergarten. Next stop: learning to pronounce "th".

Snippets 'N Stuff

Not a clue! Chances are you'll figure it out someday :) My daughter is pretty good at figuring out Cody's puzzles when I cannot. Sometimes it takes team effort! Good luck and keep enjoying her!

Maybe it's a new recipe. As I recall, the unicorn was in a stew recently. That recipe may have needed a little more roughage.

My thoughts are that I just want to squish those adorable cheeks!! She is too cute. I love that she wants to play games. I'm continually surprised by what my daughter does/says. I can't tell if it's because she's a girl, a 2nd baby, or NT, or all of the above but she keeps me on my toes!

Sounds like a genius to me!

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Ok, I'm taking care of pukey kids today, so I leave you with the photo below. Give me your best caption ideas, and the winner (chosen by Willow) will win a brand-new (I promise, it hasn't been watched even once by my kids) special edition of How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon, not the one with Jim Carey) still in its shrink wrap.

This is a shot of me and Willow from Billy's Thanksgiving lunch at school. And yes, that is a giant trash can right next to our table.


Just post your caption ideas below, and Willow will choose the winner by Monday. (Disclaimer: Baby cannot read and may be assisted by mother.)

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Think she spotted the trashcan and had a vision of the days ahead? Your poor family. I hope you are all back to healthy and felt great for Thanksgiving!

"We already did the smiling shot - now's the silly face one. Right?"

The first rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club.

The second rule of Fight Club is, you DO NOT talk about Fight Club.


Willow the vampire, as she moves in on your neck.................

I need to driiiiiiiink!

Don't enter me in the comp, I couldn't view the DVD anyway as different regions so am just joining in for fun:) Jen

Remove this silly hat and nobody gets hurt.

Or -
"So .... hungry.... Must ... eat .... mommy's ... hand."
"You won't be smiling after I swallow your pinkie."
"Vertigo. All those colors in your blouse are giving me vertigo. Gonna hurl. Where's the trash can?"

(Sorry about that last one. It really is a pretty blouse. I swear.)

This One Has a Snowball's Chance in ......

Really, mommy! I DO NOT need the Heimlich maneuver!

Turkey? Where's the Beef?!


(prepare for a lion-from-Wizard-of-Oz reference:) "If I...were king...of the forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrest!"

Sorry your kids are illin'. It's tough to watch little ones fight the yuckies--especially when you're not feeling so great yourself. I hope you're all on the mend so you can enjoy a happy and turkey-filled Thanksgiving!

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My daughter's preschool recently sent home information about a new program they were joining. This site, called Original Works, would allow parents to order our kids' amazing works of art in the form of coffee mugs, T-shirts, coasters, mouse pads, wall clocks -- you name it.

Very cool idea if you have a budding artist in the family.

But I'm familiar with the artist in question. We have quite a few of her pieces in our home, adorning our "Wall Galleries:"


Our "Window Gallery" ...


And what we like to tell guests is our "Floor Gallery" ...


I was curious how many T-shirts of THIS we might be able to order:


And this one clearly has "Wall Clock" written all over it:


And I was thinking that this one is definitely the Christmas card this year ...


... when the school sent home THIS as our first available masterpiece to order:


Exactly what time yesterday do they think I was born?

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We've thrown away many art projects done by a teenage "buddy"

When we send GL to an event where they assign him a one-on-one helper, we want the helper to help him navigate the social Bay of Sharks. He's usually not that interested in arts and crafts, and when he chooses to draw, his drawings have a characteristic preschool style. Why would we want an art project from somebody else's kid?

I have similar artwork...

drawn with black crayon on my good couch! I was so angry, but fortunately, was able to turn the cushion over. I'm just praying she doesn't draw on the clean side now!

Angry Potty

My favorite by far is the angry face at the potty. That basically sums up how I feel about potty training. Classic.

Why would you buy what you get for free every day? Why does that sound dirty?

Beautiful Artwork!

I think her art is good!

It's funny, because I'm going to blog about this on Thursday! My daughter's drawings generally look like someone two years younger than her drew them. But during the last month, she drew two pictures that were amazing! So I'm confused...does she have talent or doesn't she?

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