You asked for it, you sadistic people, and here it is: me unfiltered, unmade-up and un-flat-ironed ... Also, if you want to check out the blog post I mention in the vlog, that which inspired this great un-masking, read on:

Big Daddy Autism: Lynn's guest post

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I love this Amanda. The message, the unmasked part, all of it. Perfectly put.

Awesome post! I don't know what I'd do without bloggers being open and honest. When we first started feeling our way into the autism community, we didn't know anyone in "real life" that had walked that path. I honestly might have lost my marbles feeling so alone as we blindly walked through that door. I use nicknames in my blog but that's only 'cause I wanted the option to complain about extended family. HA! I so agree with you about learning to be comfortable with who we are. I've struggled with that and maybe it was Dr. Phil or Oprah, but someone pointed out how easily little girls (and boys, too) pick up on their mother's self-image, for better or worse. It was a scary thought. When it comes to my son's ASD, there's not going to be any hiding it from anyone. I want him to understand it and be proud of who he is. It would be nice if it was as casual as being right-handed or left-handed. It is what it is. And he's an amazing and wonderful kid who makes his mama proud.


silly goose, you look GREAT without makeup! I'm with you on the name thing. I will always feel as if we have nothing to hide, but that's just me. I'm kind of an "open book" type person. I'm aware that may come back and bite me in the arsh someday though.

Thanks for bringing this stuff up in your vlog :)

You're Gorgeous!

Yeah, the still that sits there on your post until kingdom come is always the best part isn't it? HA! I love the way you tied this in with yesterday's little kerfuffle. You said this all far more eloquently than I did. You know the saying "if I'd have known you were coming I'd have baked a cake"? That's how I felt. "If I had known this was going to turn into a serious-as-a-heart-attack debate, I would have spent more than 5 minutes writing it (sssshhh...don't tell Big Daddy)." Now I can tell Ann "what Amanda said".

Thanks, as always, for all of your always make me feel better about myself!

Living without a mask

First of all, how much to you like that video still that YouTube chose as the screen shot?! Lovely, huh? They give you three choices and believe it or not, THAT was the best of the three!

Now thanks so very much for the support as went unmasked, at least temporarily. Learning to love who we really are became so much bigger an issue for me after I had kids -- even before I knew about Billy's autism. Suddenly, I was more aware of the negative things I said about myself, my weight, my looks. Once I had a daughter, it became even clearer to me that if I didn't get comfortable with myself, I couldn't expect my children to do any better.

I still prefer my mask. But if living undisguised is what it takes to make my children proud of themselves, I'll toss the makeup out permanently.

Luckily, I don't think it's going to come to that :-)

Love you all ...

You Look Beautiful, Dahling!

Amanda, you really look beautiful--even unfiltered! Not only do you LOOK beautiful, but your words are beautiful too!

This whole debate is so ridiculous to me. Some people choose to keep themselves anonymous, other don't. This is true for the blogging community at large too.

To each their own! Let each family decide what is right for them! It's nobody else's business!

Great vlog, as always!

This is an amazingly powerful post. I not only really like you, I have HUGE respect for you. You've tweeted me among "people who make me think." Well, you are one of those people. And I'm better for the ways in which you make me think. Thank you.

Good stuff!

Very well put! And I think you look GREAT! :)

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Mondays are hectic in the 'Feet household. The Life is a Spectrum vlog will be back next week in its new TUESDAY time slot. There are a variety of reasons for this move by the network:

A. My Mr. Coffee broke and I'm currently on a desperate run to find a new one. As a temporary fix, I had been using this French cafetiere:

stupid stupid stupid

But its two-cup limit makes me hate it.

B. I ran out of hair smoother, and I currently look a bit like this:

I really hope this chick got paid a LOT of money by to pose like this and she's not just some poor hobo they took advantage of.

The combination of lack of caffeine and frizzy hair do NOT equal "game face" for vlog purposes.

C. The cupboard is bare. If I don't go grocery shopping, dinner is going to be Condiment Surprise. Or maybe Crayon Casserole:

Aww, look: The crayons match his eyes ...

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What? You mean you're not head over heels in love with your French Press?

Our French Press is "the other woman" in our house. I think if there were ever a fire up in this joint, GB would run out with the kids under one arm, and the French Press under the other.

Now that I have clear braces, I've had to give up drinks of the hot, caffeinated variety. So am I jealous of your errand today? A little bit.

Hmmm...what's in Condiment Surprise? Jim is the Condiment King, and that's about all that's in my fridge right now too!

Here's hoping that tomorrow your coffee is brewed, your hair is smooth, and your refrigerator is full of something other than ketchup and pickles!


I agree with Lynn, too.

It's realism! ...and if you're really spunky, you could don that blue-teeth look, too, to complete the picture!
(Sad we're supporting self-deprecation - maybe we just know you're gorgeous, regardless of the physical conditions!)
Looking forward to tomorrow! :)


can't wait to read more of your blog! came to you via SITS, and a very belated happy SITS to you - i'm a bit behind catching up on posts (sick babies can take you outta the game for a while LOL)

Never Mind

If I waited for coffee to be made and my hair to be washed to make a vlog, I'd never make one. Oh wait, I never have. Never mind :) Looking forward to yours!

We Love You!

Amanda, don't you know we love you even when your hair is frizzy and you're crazy due to lack of caffeine?

Mug Shot

I'm with Lynn. Um, I mean, I'm not actually with Lynn. I mean I agree with her about this one. A V-Log with hair like that is guaranteed to go viral. Think of the traffic! Get the camera out and get going.


This is exactly when you SHOULD be vlogging. Come on! Doitdoitdoitdoitdoit.

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Apparently, we're teaching our autistic kids about emotions so that they can grow up and fit in with people who think they've had a "bad day" if a bunch of people they don't know lose a game they watched on TV. If Billy grows up to understand that, maybe he can explain it to me ...

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I've got spirit, yes I do!

@BigDaddy: The next time someone assumes I have sports knowledge, I'm going to tell them that I follow MMA instead. That'll shut 'em up.

I want you to know that sometimes when you talk about Griffin, I get this little tingle, like I'm getting a glimpse into something like Billy's future. And it's a beautiful thing. If I can be half as good a parent as you and Mrs. BD by the time Billy enters middle school, I'll consider myself a huge success!

@Ashley: I have a soccer fan in my house too. I thought that was all I had. Little did i know that he was going to adopt all OUR country's sports too when he moved here. Now there is no season that ISN'T a sports season!

@Cheryl: I'll admit it: I'm a big fan of the bowling and poker games on the iPad :-) AND the fact that I can get my magazine subscriptions there. There's something for everyone!

@Lynn: Next week I interview the iPad about it's opinions on health care ...

@Heather: Great minds think alike! Thanks :-)

Frivolous Mom

Oh I SO agree! I love this! You said it exactly how I would have. Love the Vlog!

Still loving the v-logs!

It's so nice to see you every week. Quit showing off that iPad!

I Love your Vlogs!

My daughter does a pretty good job with identifying emotions also, which is really cool.

I really want to get an iPad. Not for my daughter, but for me! LOL

As the wife of a former college soccer player, I do have to question the utter sanity of some of those fans. But at least the fanatics in Europe and South America have grown up with that level of intensity. I really question the emotional health of my hubby who willingly and actively longs to be a part of the madness. =) A World Cup is on his bucket list and I would love to make it happen...I just don't know that I want to be there!

I also graduated from FSU and grew up on Seminole football. But I guess we really do have limited space on our list of emotional investments because it's been a while since I've had the energy left to care. Much.

Enjoyed your post, as usual!!!


I am so with you on the professional / college sports thing. I used let that stuff eat me up inside until about twenty years ago I quit it cold turkey. I couldn't tell you who won the last Superbowl if I tried. I do watch MMA (Mixed Marital Arts) like the UFC, but only because I like watching guys beat the cr$p out of eachother.

Funny that Billy thinks he can change your emotions at will. Griffin does the same thing. Mid tantrum he will blurt out "YOU ARE HAPPY WITH ME! I AM GOOD BOY!" How wrong he is.

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Bad weather brings out the best in me ...

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How are you doing with the exercise? I love that you are looking at the long-term and not just focused on getting back into a pair of jeans! You know what I found when I got back into a pair of old jeans....they didn't even look good out of style! I mean, if you're into the whole wearing your pants above your belly button thing then they're great! LOL

Don't go there! It's too scary!

I also think a lot about what my autistic kids will be like when they're autistic adults. The fear of old age and death takes on a whole new meaning when there is the very real possibility that our children may still rely on us when they're middle-aged.

Hey, I like tea...

Just sitting here drinking my tea, watching your vlog. I'm a coffee hater. I'm so with you on the PE class...God, I hated PE. And I just had the same convo with my sister about physical's no longer a vanity thing but a longevity thing. Like you, I hope I'm around for a looooooooooooooong time.

Good to drink tea with you!

I loved drinking tea with you this morning! Tea is definitely an English thing - and quite Zimbabwean and South African too! But I love coffee too.
Good luck with your healthy living regime, you'll feel fantastic ... exercise definitely soothes and rejuvenates my soul. Can't describe how it does, but it does.

I Hope You Got your Coffee!

I think it's great that you are walking (I've started that recently as well) and eating healthier! It IS really important! I've found walking helps with the stress too! I think I'm better as handling my daughter when she's being difficult when I've taken care of myself!

Not very athletic

lol, Amanda, great to really SEE you! I was right there with you in the lunchroom playing checkers...
I wonder if I should do a vid clip to talk about what my blog is about or have a vlog page... what do you think? Has it worked for you? Email me when you get a sec. because I'd love to find out how you started that process :).

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