My daughter's preschool recently sent home information about a new program they were joining. This site, called Original Works, would allow parents to order our kids' amazing works of art in the form of coffee mugs, T-shirts, coasters, mouse pads, wall clocks -- you name it.

Very cool idea if you have a budding artist in the family.

But I'm familiar with the artist in question. We have quite a few of her pieces in our home, adorning our "Wall Galleries:"


Our "Window Gallery" ...


And what we like to tell guests is our "Floor Gallery" ...


I was curious how many T-shirts of THIS we might be able to order:


And this one clearly has "Wall Clock" written all over it:


And I was thinking that this one is definitely the Christmas card this year ...


... when the school sent home THIS as our first available masterpiece to order:


Exactly what time yesterday do they think I was born?

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We've thrown away many art projects done by a teenage "buddy"

When we send GL to an event where they assign him a one-on-one helper, we want the helper to help him navigate the social Bay of Sharks. He's usually not that interested in arts and crafts, and when he chooses to draw, his drawings have a characteristic preschool style. Why would we want an art project from somebody else's kid?

I have similar artwork...

drawn with black crayon on my good couch! I was so angry, but fortunately, was able to turn the cushion over. I'm just praying she doesn't draw on the clean side now!

Angry Potty

My favorite by far is the angry face at the potty. That basically sums up how I feel about potty training. Classic.

Why would you buy what you get for free every day? Why does that sound dirty?

Beautiful Artwork!

I think her art is good!

It's funny, because I'm going to blog about this on Thursday! My daughter's drawings generally look like someone two years younger than her drew them. But during the last month, she drew two pictures that were amazing! So I'm confused...does she have talent or doesn't she?

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It's my second week vlogging! And by the way, turns out it's pronounced "vlog," just like "blog" but with a B. I know this because they said it on and episode of Chuck and that resource is nothing but reliable.

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I sit at work and want to see Lena and do stuff with her and when I get home I am so drained I just want to sit...LOL Kids are the best but sometimes it is nice to have those few quiet moments alone! Love you!

I love sharing these snippets of your life; it's a time when I can grab a cup of something to drink, sit down and relax while catching up with your news. really enjoying them - thanks!

This is so great...feel like I'm having coffee with you. But this is better because I can't interrupt you and make you forget your train of thought. Enjoy your peace and quiet!


Ha! I took down the "please buy porn" comment but do NOT worry: I'm not desperate enough for traffic to go that route ...yet.

Love the Comment Above Mine!

Please tell me your next vlog won't be in the same category as the comment above me! Don't take blogging or vlogging or v-loging down that road! Oh, I hope you're enjoying your free time!

Have fun

...but please don't give up text and photos entirely. Video doesn't work on my Internet connection.


With the kissing, dancing, and chocolate pudding, Willow's preschool sounds like the place where I had my bachelor party. Enjoy the quiet.

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