1. Take my son to the potty and back to bed.
  2. Repeatedly tell him that “What is the opposite of elephant?” is not a question I can answer before finally answering, “Dog,” just to get him to go to sleep.
  3. Repeatedly curse the Baby Bumblebee “Opposites” DVD.
  4. Fidget nervously in bed for so long that Dave, still sleeping, literally kicked me out of bed.
  5. Change my clothes three times. What outfit says, “Take care of my baby. I'm right across the street?” I assemble an outfit. Then change again, because I realize I look kinda like a ninja. Sundress it is.
  6. Drink a very large cup of coffee.
  7. Fueled by caffeine and nervous energy, update my Facebook status twice, tweet about the joys of coffee, and write about 40 million posts on (sorry, ladies). Expect to receive a couple of calls and emails later questioning my mental stability.
  8. Drink two more very large cups of coffee.
  9. 10 minutes until wake-up. I rearrange some of the living room furniture. And then put it back because I can no longer get to the bathroom.
  10. Wake Billy up for school! With the song “Good Morning To You.” His response: “Please stop singing.”

    Happy first day of school!

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love it

lol I love it! I look forward to our first day of school in a couple yrs!

1st Day of Pre-K

You're a great mom. Billy will be fine. Put your feet up and relax. Take a nap when Willow naps. Our boy will meet and greet you with a huge smile on his face. No doubt! But, the minute you get him home.....CALL ME!!

First day of school - thumbs up!

Thanks for all the good wishes! It turned out REALLY well ... Ms. Jade said he had a very good day, and while he was very tired by the end (he was too nervous and excited to sleep much the night before), he really participated in almost everything. He was talking about one of his friends from class last night. We're looking forward to Day #2 being even better. He slept MUCH better last night.

First Day of School

Hahahahhaha! Awesome. I'm with you on that Baby Bumblebee DVD.

So how did it go? And I'm not just asking about Billy, I'm asking you, too? How'd you do with the drop-off? :)

Hugs to all our babies. How lucky are we to have a front row seat as we watch them grow!?


Haha... Super funny... I know that feeling-what should I wear?!?- so well. Glad Billy had a great first week!

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This Friday, I find myself unusually broken and battered. None of these injuries is particularly bad, but I can imagine, if my body was a corpse on CSI, they would instantly recognize me as a mother of small children because of the following:



They look so innocent here. They are not.

5. Two bite marks that are healing: Willow has discovered her weapon of choice.
4. Repetitive stress injury in my shoulder from pushing 75 pounds of kid around in the double stroller.
3. Lower-case-i-shaped bruise on the bottom of my foot from stepping on a #%*@! piece of the magnetic Leapfrog alphabet in the dark.
2. Twisted knee from slipping on the kitchen tile after Billy discovered the ice maker and left a puddle of melting ice in the middle of the floor.
1. Bitten tongue from being tackled unexpectedly from behind after an inexplicable scream of “Get the bumblebee!”

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