OK, that blog post title sounds a leeeetle bit creepy and weird now that I read it in the big letters.

Nonetheless, we do now have a winner of our giveaway of the Scentsy Piece By Piece Warmer for Autism Speaks! Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway and big congratulations to ...

Mary M!

Mary will receive a brand new warmer and scented wax from Scentsy. Just email me your mailing address, Mary, to and Scentsy will send out a warmer directly to you ... and it'll still have that new warmer smell.

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As I reported last week, Dave was out of town for nearly a week. Upon his return, this smiling child greeted him ...


(Billy was there too, but he ran past so quickly there wasn't time for a photo.) Almost immediately *I* had to leave and go out of town overnight. The last time I left, BILLY MADE A CAKE. This trip, I returned after less than 24 hours to find ...


OK! Daddy says I'm ready for church!

So you can just imagine what the rest of the house looks like. Check back later if you'd like to find out if I survived the aftermath -- and to hear which of you won the Scentsy Giveaway!

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Snippets 'N Stuff

Hahahahaha. Oh my goodness! I want to go to YOUR church :)

Hey, I just met you over at SITS so decided to drop by for a visit. Thanks for sharing with us about your Billy, he is adorable. I have a beautiful special needs child who has had symptoms similar to Billy's, she has FAE. With medication and lots of therapy, we get by. I have *so* been in public with the meltdowns and the angry glares - if I see you out and about, I'll catch Billy and give you a big hug. Love ya!

I remember those days of children dressing themselves while Dad looks after them...I also recall coming home one night from work to find that two-year-old Kaylee had "rearranged" my carefully organized and labelled photos in a photo album while her father dozed on the couch!

Welcome home!


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The winner of the FREE DVD of Loving Lampposts: Living Autistic is Heather from! Congratulations, Heather: Just send me your mailing address to, and I'll get a copy of this award-winning documentary to you pronto!

And for those of you in the Tallahassee area, you can come out and see this inspiring film on the big screen FREE this weekend at the Florida State University Student Life Center Cinema. The screening takes place at 3 p.m. on Sunday, April 17. Admission is free, but voluntary donations will be accepted for the FSU Card Center's Autism Project. Anyone donating $25 or more will receive a copy of the DVD to take home as well.

If you're not in the area, but you'd still like to see Loving Lampposts: Living Autistic, if you click on the banner at the top of this page, you can order one.

We're only halfway through Autism Awareness Month, and next week will bring more fun stuff: the winner of the Scentsy Piece by Piece Giveaway (there's still time to enter!), announcement of a special blogger giveaway, display of the winners of the autism awareness poster contest at Billy's elementary school (SO adorable!!) and much much more! (Actually, "much, much" is probably pushing it, but I'm kind of in a hurry at the moment and my mental thesaurus isn't working at top speed.)

Have a great weekend!

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Are you sure? Cause I usually win everything I compete in. Maybe I should have entered.

Wow! I won!! I'm so excited :) Thanks Amanda- I'll get that email out to you!! I can NOT wait to watch this!


SOunds like a wonderful book

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Today, I'm guest-blogging for one of my favorite writer-moms and tweeps, SippyCupMom. I hope you'll drop by on our little soiree, leave a comment to say "Hi!" and thank her for her ongoing support for Autism Awareness Month!

My post for SippyCupMom: "Autism is a marathon, not a sprint ..."

Also, don't forget to enter our giveaway of a FREE DVD of the award-winning and uplifting film LOVING LAMPPOSTS: LIVING AUTISTIC. DETAILS HERE.

AND ... You can also still enter our giveaway of the Scentsy Piece by Piece Warmer, which also helps raise funds for the Autism Speaks organization. DETAILS HERE.

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Yesterday, I wrote about our “Light it up blue” efforts. “Light it up blue” is an autism awareness campaign being promoted by the Autism Speaks organization.

If you still want to broadcast your blue light for autism, today is World Autism Day, and tonight we're going to be burning the blue bulbs for autism again. (Walmart has them: They're called "Party Bulbs," they're very difficult to find and NO ONE working there knows where they are.)

My front porch may continue to burn blue long after April, in fact, because after teetering on a rickety step-stool to reach it and then having a bunch of bug and spider-baby carcasses fall in my mouth, I'm not changing it.

Now that Autism Speaks has painted our cause blue, the Scentsy Foundation would like to give it a nice fragrance. Twice a year, the organization releases a “Cause Warmer” to raise funds for a designated cause or organization. This spring, they're fundraising for Autism Speaks through the Piece by Piece Warmer; all sales of these specific units will benefit the organization.

I was actually familiar with Scentsy's products before they contacted me about this autism-specific warmer. Using a small bulb instead of a flame – much safer for children – the attractive ceramic warmers melt reusable scented wax in a variety of scents. I had a small one that mounts flush with the wall that a friend gave me for Christmas, and it was great to have cinnamon-y smells permeating my house throughout the holidays, without the actual effort of cooking.

The Piece by Piece warmer plugs into the wall via electrical cord, so you'll need a spot where you can tuck that out of the way. But it works the same way: Place a cube of wax on the top tray, turn it on and the wax slowly melts, releasing the lovely scent of your choice. When you're done, you can actually pour the melted wax back into the resealable container, so it lasts a really long time. You can buy other “flavors” to use in the same warmer: Currently, we're enjoying the springtime smell of Cucumber Lime.

The Piece by Piece warmer is beautiful and low-key, so it shouldn't clash with any room's décor. We keep ours in the kitchen, but that's more out of a desire to keep it out of the kids' reach. If I can get a shelf built about three inches from the ceiling, I'd love to move it to the living room, because the little openings surrounding the puzzle-piece motif cast a very pretty soft light. (FYI, Billy LOVES the light; goes monkey-poop every time we turn it on.)

I have no “dog in this hunt,” other than the fact that they sent me a free warmer to try out AND they want to give one to YOU!

All you have to do to enter this randomly selected giveaway:

  1. Subscribe to this blog via the little form at the top-right of this page.
  2. Like Scentsy on Facebook.

That's it!

Of course, it'd be a big help if you could post a comment here to let me know you've done those two things, so that I can be sure to give you credit in the giveaway. We'll announce the winner of the randomly selected giveaway on Monday, April 18.

However you decide to show your awareness of autism today – whether it's with a blue bulb or just by holding the hand of the autistic person you love – let your little light shine and let your voice be heard.

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I'm in! Autism Awareness that smells good!? Yes, please!! I subscribed and liked...

Done and done!

I have subscribed via email.

Pick me, pick me!

My 5 year old son, 4th child of our 5 is autistic.
I liked Scentsy on FB.

I am now subscribed to LifeIsASpectrum and a follower of Scentsy! Love your blog!

I'm in!

Yay! I love Scentsy!
(AND - I promoted it on the Seminole Sitters fan page!)

I subscribed and like on Facebook!

Sold! Happily subscribed and liked! I so love pretty stuff that smells nice. (AKA things that cover up not-quite-potty-trained aroma)

It's a win-win!!

Thank you guys so much for entering!!

And you can still enter, so anyone who'd like to have this beautiful free warmer to benefit Autism Speaks, jump right in -- up until the deadline :-)

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