It's one of my favorite times of day. The room is dark, and Billy's still warm and snuggly from sleep.

Me: Time to wake up, big guy. Time to get ready for camp.

He rubs the sleep out of his eyes and whispers to me.

Billy: Mama, how do you feel?

Me: I feel like I love you.

Billy smiles.

Billy: That makes me feel thankful.

My heart bursts and I hug him deeply.

Me: I'm thankful too. I'm thankful for you.

Billy: I am not frustrated.

Me: That's good.

Billy: I am not very shy.

Me: Truer words have never been spoken.



The illustration for "Proud."

Billy and Willow love the book, The Way I Feel, written and illustrated by Janan Cain. Both kids have started using words to identify their feelings, a major goal for us this year. A book can't teach these ideas all by itself, but as a visual reinforcement of conversations about these vague concepts of emotions, I think it can be very helpful, particularly to preschoolers and/or those kids with developmental delays. The illustrations in The Way I Feel are engaging and colorful, and the little rhymes do a great job of capturing the essence of feelings such as “jealous,” “shy,” “silly,” “frustrated” or “excited.” I recommend it, if your kids are working on these concepts.

FYI, I bought this book with my own hard-earned cash, and all opinions contained herein are my own, un-sponsored objective perspective. However, had anyone offered to pay me for it, I would have happily taken their money.


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I think I'll go look for this book as this is the 3rd time it's title has come up this week. We are still working on identifying feelings and the subtle gradations of...
I hope you are well Amanda. It was good to see your name on a list somewhere today so I popped on by to say hello!

Teacher gave it to me

My son's teacher gave us this book as well and he loved it till it fell apart. I think it was very useful in teaching him about feelings, which we are still working on.

Snippets 'N Stuff

Good to know. I'll pass this information on to the teachers I work with.

Yeah, I'd happily take money too!

Too bad nobody is offering!


Very sweet!

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Apparently, we're teaching our autistic kids about emotions so that they can grow up and fit in with people who think they've had a "bad day" if a bunch of people they don't know lose a game they watched on TV. If Billy grows up to understand that, maybe he can explain it to me ...

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I've got spirit, yes I do!

@BigDaddy: The next time someone assumes I have sports knowledge, I'm going to tell them that I follow MMA instead. That'll shut 'em up.

I want you to know that sometimes when you talk about Griffin, I get this little tingle, like I'm getting a glimpse into something like Billy's future. And it's a beautiful thing. If I can be half as good a parent as you and Mrs. BD by the time Billy enters middle school, I'll consider myself a huge success!

@Ashley: I have a soccer fan in my house too. I thought that was all I had. Little did i know that he was going to adopt all OUR country's sports too when he moved here. Now there is no season that ISN'T a sports season!

@Cheryl: I'll admit it: I'm a big fan of the bowling and poker games on the iPad :-) AND the fact that I can get my magazine subscriptions there. There's something for everyone!

@Lynn: Next week I interview the iPad about it's opinions on health care ...

@Heather: Great minds think alike! Thanks :-)

Frivolous Mom

Oh I SO agree! I love this! You said it exactly how I would have. Love the Vlog!

Still loving the v-logs!

It's so nice to see you every week. Quit showing off that iPad!

I Love your Vlogs!

My daughter does a pretty good job with identifying emotions also, which is really cool.

I really want to get an iPad. Not for my daughter, but for me! LOL

As the wife of a former college soccer player, I do have to question the utter sanity of some of those fans. But at least the fanatics in Europe and South America have grown up with that level of intensity. I really question the emotional health of my hubby who willingly and actively longs to be a part of the madness. =) A World Cup is on his bucket list and I would love to make it happen...I just don't know that I want to be there!

I also graduated from FSU and grew up on Seminole football. But I guess we really do have limited space on our list of emotional investments because it's been a while since I've had the energy left to care. Much.

Enjoyed your post, as usual!!!


I am so with you on the professional / college sports thing. I used let that stuff eat me up inside until about twenty years ago I quit it cold turkey. I couldn't tell you who won the last Superbowl if I tried. I do watch MMA (Mixed Marital Arts) like the UFC, but only because I like watching guys beat the cr$p out of eachother.

Funny that Billy thinks he can change your emotions at will. Griffin does the same thing. Mid tantrum he will blurt out "YOU ARE HAPPY WITH ME! I AM GOOD BOY!" How wrong he is.

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