I try not to politicize my blog. I want it to be a place where people from across the ideological spectrum – provided they communicate civilly – can feel welcome to discuss and share stories about living with autism. I will share my views with anyone who asks, and I will defend people’s right to share their opinion.

I've deviated from this rule a couple of times. I have strong opinions about health care. And I refuse to believe in the existence of Sharron Angle.


I will also remove you from my news stream on Facebook if you rant a lot or pick political fights online or call people “stupid” for having different political opinions than your own. I invite and encourage healthy, well-informed debate, but I don’t want to spend my day being angry or listening to angry. FYI, I won’t hang out with people who do that In Real Life either, but the fact is, people will say a lot of stuff online that they’d never say in person.


But this is why I remained blissfully unaware of Ann Coulter’s ignorance until recently. OK, not unaware, but I was able to avoid her until the last 24 hours when she tweeted the following message:



ann coulter tweet

Wow, I'm really glad this woman now has a channel with which to instantly communicate her wisdom with the masses.


I know that people are going to use that word. Ignorant people. People who don’t have extensive vocabularies. People who have had no reason to be integrated with people with special needs for whom that is a hurtful, hateful word. When I was a ridiculously naive teenager, I'm ashamed to say that I thought that word was hilarious. I grew up, and I stopped doing a lot of immature things.


I don’t know a lot about Ann Coulter, but she hasn't been a teenager for a while, right? I thought she was supposed to be some kind of communicator. Isn’t she paid to talk on TV somewhere?


Was that tweet supposed to make people laugh? Why? Because she was comparing the President of the United States to a person with cognitive disabilities? Would we laugh if she used a word like “cripple” or a hateful racist word that I can’t bring myself to type?


@AnnCoulter, this is a picture of my beautiful son with autism, the one I plan to make sure is never exposed to people like you so he doesn’t hear that kind of language:


Future voter



Thankfully, Billy is too young to use Twitter – and too smart and loving and open-minded to ever follow Ann Coulter.


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