LIFE IS A SPECTRUM / Happy hour?


INT. Master Bedroom. Morning. VERY. EARLY. MORNING.

Despite evidence to the contrary, this is not the aftermath of a natural disaster. It is – or once was – a tastefully decorated master bedroom. Now we can barely make out the outline of a bed beneath the mounds of dirty laundry, bath toys, baby bottles (yes, we allowed Willow a bottle again this week), half-filled sippy cups, wadded up tissues and half-empty bottles of children's Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

Four limp figures sprawl on the king-sized bed: two adults (sort of) and two children. One by one, they cough.

BILLY: Daddy has a cough.

(Billy coughs)

BILLY (cont.): Billy has a cough.

ME: Say, “I have a cough.”

BILLY: Mama has a cough.

ME: No, you have a cough.

(I cough.)

ME: And yes, I have a cough too.

(I take his hand and pat his own chest with it.)

ME:I have a cough ...” (I use his hand to point at Dave.) He has a cough. (Point at me.) You have a cough. (point at Willow) She has a cough.”

DAVE: I just love these little family learning moments.


ME as I narrow my eyes at him suspiciously and swig directly from my personal bottle of Tylenol cold medicine.

WILLOW: (clinks the medicine bottle with her bottle) Cheers!

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Are those the infamous "Broadfeet" in the photo? If so, who snapped the picture?

Awwww...I feel bad 'cause I'm laughing but it's still sad. The exchange between adults sounds so familiar! haha. And the "cheers." Our kids probably make onlookers think we're alcoholics the way they "cheers" everything. Hope you guys get well soon!

Wow, you really have no off switch woman.

Sorry you're all sick! Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon!

Feel better! I don't know which is worse...everyone having it at once or taking turns so the family is sick for weeks on end. At least you don't have to waste your energy trying to get the kids to cover their coughs.

Cute even when you're sick

Sorry you are all sick, but this was adorable.


'Cheers' to Tylenol Cold & Flu! Hilarious post! Hope everyone is on the mend.

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